Welcome to Danny Butler Bamboo Nursery

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Welcome to our bamboo nursery website

This is the online nursery outlet for Danny Butler and his partner business Little
Tree Nursery. We grow a small range of trees and shrubs and now we are
developing a specialisation in providing hardy bamboos.

Why do we grow bamboo? Danny Butler was introduced to bamboos by enthusiasts he
had come to know over several years. This sparked a fascination with these
plants which inspired the development of the business to provide bamboo to
gardeners and landscapers alike.

Our nursery is located in Lancashire but is not currently open to the
public (we are seeking suitable premises to locate our retail outlet and
will provide details of its location when it has been found). Please
contact us by email or telephone if you have an enquiry. We distribute UK wide
and use both couriers and our own in-house transport, plus we can
provide a planting service. Our prices can be provided upon asking. As the
nursery grows we will update the website to reflect the changes.